get to know the wind and set the sails

Current information about the 2024 season will be available soon

The windsurf school in Cala d'Or is the best place to learn windsurfing. Beginners find the perfect conditions to learn this beautiful sport.

The inner part of the bay is protected from both waves and wind and is the ideal playground for the first few meters on the board. In the outer bay the wind is blowing a bit stronger and then things really get going on the open sea. Winds vary in consistency and predictability depending on the season. In summer, a constant breeze provides us with an average of 2 to 4 Beaufort almost every afternoon.


Windsurfing lessons are our prime discipline. Anyone over the age of 13 can take part in our courses. Age-appropriate surfing material makes it easy for children to learn windsurfing. We offer courses starting several times a week, for beginners as well as for advanced learners by individual arrangement.

So take your time and learn to windsurf this summer! As the saying goes... you learn it for life; because windsurfing is an emotional and balancing sport, very similar to riding a bike, and we can all do that too, right? If not, we also have bicycles.


Windsurf courses

We specialize in windsurfing lessons! We are proud of more than 20 years of surf school, the experience gained during this time flows into each of our courses.

From beginner to professional, we train you with our self-developed coaching method. Unlike many surf schools where the actual instruction is just a neglected department of the station and the real focus is on the rental, we focus on the lessons.

Because windsurfing is a sport you never stop learning, that's why we still have so much fun with it after so many years. For many surfers, this learning process stops during the first surfing course, and the time gets boring in a much too large group with unsuitable surfing material - not with us!!!!



We train you in groups with a maximum of 8 participants. To do this, we split up this group as soon as we notice that the progress is too different, and those who find it harder get individual or intensive training at no extra charge.

After the course you have the opportunity to continue training for the rest of your vacation at a special price, of course also under the supervision of the team. Because we don't leave anyone "alone" on the water and if you have any questions, we'll help you immediately.

Due to the exceptional location of the schools with its two sheltered bays and the additional possibility of surfing on the open sea, we offer all surfers the right training environment.

Right in front of the surf school we take our first steps on the board together. The wind is very light, the bay is well protected from waves and we stay close to the school.

In the inner bay, further instruction in the beginner's course takes place. The wind is not quite as strong as on the open sea and we hardly have any waves. Nevertheless, you are always only a few hundred meters away from the station. If you have a problem, we will be with you in a few moments with the rescue boat.

For all those who dare a bit more, the outdoor area is open as a playground. Except for the fact that there are hardly any waves here and there is less boat traffic, the conditions are identical to the open sea.

Teenage Windsurf Course

You can participate in this course from the age of 13 and solid swimming skills. The aim is to be able to surf alone after the two days. The groups have a maximum of 8 participants.

  • 2 days of 1,5 hour lessons
  • 2 days of 30min free training
  • During the school holidays start every Monday and Thursday
  • further dates by arrangement
  • Time: 10.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m

 € 149 per person

Compact windsurf course

The fastest way onto the board. In just one day and 2 hours of lessons you will learn the basics to surf independently.

  • 2 hour lesson
  • Possible every day from June to August
  • in groups of 3 or more people
  • Time: 12.30 a.m. - 14.30 p.m
  • it is also possible to book several modules

 € 99 per person

XL windsurf course

In just three days you can learn the basics of windsurfing and become an independent surfer. In addition to many exercises and training on the water, entertaining theory units are included (meteorology, right of way, safety and material science).

  • 3 days of 2 hours of lessons
  • 2 days of free training
  • Every Wednesday from June to August
  • further dates by arrangement
  • Time: 15.00 a.m. - 17.00 p.m

 € 299 per person

Early pickup & late return

We offer to pick up the rental bike for an extra charge the evening before or bring it back the following morning. Please write an email, this must be decided individually according to the booking situation and cannot be automated.

Delivery, pick up

We are happy to deliver your rental bike. Depending on the distance to the shop, the costs are variable, please email us and we will make you an estimate.


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