Our main business is bike rental, but we also have a workshop for customer orders.

In the shop corner you will find the most popular products to complete your holiday. Some clothing, tools, spare parts and care needs.

Our professional workshop is prepared for all eventualities with experienced staff and high-quality tools. This allows us to repair, optimize and maintain our own bikes as well as customer bikes.

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Original spare parts & upgrades

Bike clothing, accessories, upgrades, individual parts and groups

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Cleaners,Tubeless & Lubricants

Cleaner, polish, tubeless kits, sealant and lube

Tires, tubes and tubeless kits

The entire range of tyres, tubes and sealant for tubeless riders

The Workshop

We love all bikes <3

True to this motto, we are happy to work on all bikes. Whether it's a high-tech triathlon bike or an old bike, we recommend you honestly and with experience what the appropriate repair is, set a budget and even have a rental bike for you for the waiting time.

The Maintenance

Level 1

Your bike doesn't cause any major problems and it should stay that way! This basic service is suitable for maintaining the function of the bike and for checking everything after a long break, for example.

Annual interval recommended even for infrequent use.
  • basic cleaning
  • Checking of all components
  • Adjusting and adjusting brakes and gears
  • Readjust all screws with the correct torque
Spare parts are not included


Level 2

Your bike used to be better? We find the error by checking everything thoroughly. We either repair components or exchange them - the customer decides. This service is value-preserving and saves unpleasant surprises if it is used regularly.

Content Level 1 PLUS:
  • centering wheels
  • Remove bottom bracket and headset, clean, inspect and clean.
  • Degrease the entire drive (chain and cassette, check for wear and grease correctly
Spare parts are not included


Level 3

In the Level 3 service we completely disassemble your bike. Everything is disassembled, cleaned, examined, documented and photographed. We analyze damage and wear and tear, inform you about the costs and completely reassemble the bike according to your wishes.

Content Level 2 PLUS:
  • complete disassembly of the entire bike
  • Thorough analysis of wear or damage by the workshop manager
  • Estimate for replacement or repair
Spare parts are not included

from €199

Early pickup & late return

We offer to pick up the rental bike for an extra charge the evening before or bring it back the following morning. Please write an email, this must be decided individually according to the booking situation and cannot be automated.

Delivery, pick up

We are happy to deliver your rental bike. Depending on the distance to the shop, the costs are variable, please email us and we will make you an estimate.


Child seat