About Us

Marimonte was founded in 1999 as "Windsurf Center Cala d'Or". It started as a partnership between Laurent and Fabian and was soon called 'Laurent & Fabian', after opening a second location in Mallorca they split and Fabian stayed in Cala d'Or. For a few years the company name was fabianSPORT. Due to a few windless periods, Fabian started offering guided bike tours on the calmer days. As the team started to grow, the company received its final name “MARIMONTE” and a wide portfolio of activities. And here we are, season 25 is coming 💪💙🌞 Since day 1 we have a great cooperation with Inturotel company and we are grateful for the achievement of our projects.

Early pickup & late return

We offer to pick up the rental bike for an extra charge the evening before or bring it back the following morning. Please write an email, this must be decided individually according to the booking situation and cannot be automated.

Delivery, pick up

We are happy to deliver your rental bike. Depending on the distance to the shop, the costs are variable, please email us and we will make you an estimate.


Child seat